My True Passion

You want to feel better and still live your life. You want to be able to eat pizza and still slip into your favorite jeans, easily. I will guide you to find the perfect balance of wellness and happy living, so you live your life the way you want to, without restrictive dieting.

Hi, I’m Eleanor Duelley.

I’m a board-certified Nutritionist and Licensed Dietician Nutritionist.

I created Nourishing Nutrition as a way to free people from the pain of inflammation and dieting. Releasing the roadblocks to your success and finding the root cause of unrest and disorder in the body is the path to healing. Find out more about working with your body instead of fighting against it.

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I’m here to teach you.

If you are anxious because your doctor advises meds for high blood pressure or cholesterol.

I’m here to listen and talk you through it.

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