The thyroid is a very important gland that releases hormones for performing various body functions. Any imbalance in its secretions and malfunctioning of thyroid can cause several health issues. Your body requires a balanced amount of certain hormones. Both the overproduction and underproduction can be harmful to your body and can badly affect the normal body functioning. For instance, it affects the fertility, mood and body weight as well.

There can be several reasons for the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland. One of the prominent reasons is the deficiency of iron. It can make your thyroid sluggish. Along with nutritional causes, your diet, daily lifestyle and stress can also trigger abnormal functioning and inadequate release of hormones. However, there are certain foods consuming which can keep your thyroid healthy. Take a look at some of the best thyroid-friendly foods and make sure you include these in your diet.


Eggs are rightly called the perfect food. They contain everything that your body needs for better functioning. It is a very healthy choice for thyroid and contains vitamins, minerals, cholesterol, and protein, all of which support thyroid health. Most importantly, eggs are the source of iodine which is essential for the normal secretion of thyroid hormones. Besides, eggs also provide sufficient content of Selenium which is required for converting the T4 hormone into T3, which is a usable form. Additionally, the egg is a wonderful source of dietary cholesterol which is helpful for the balanced synthesis of sex hormones. Last but not the least, it also provides vitamin B and fat-soluble vitamins that help your thyroid to work efficiently.


Ghee has been used for years in the Ayurvedic Tradition and it provides several important nutrients that ensure the efficient working of the thyroid gland. It contains a sufficient amount of Vitamin A which aids in maintaining a healthy level of thyroid hormones. Moreover, it also supplies an ample amount of cholesterol that is very helpful for the thyroid. In addition to these, Ghee also contains a significant amount of Omega-3 fatty acids that support the thyroid efficiency by controlling inflammation and offers many other health benefits as well.



One thing that you should remember is that processed table salt and unrefined salt are two separate things. The unrefined, like the Himalayan salt is an excellent choice for boosting thyroid health. It works by decreasing the amount of stress hormones known as adrenaline and cortisol. Their lower concentration favors the thyroid health which makes unrefined salt helpful for the gland. Additionally, it enhances adrenal function and assists in the manufacturing of stomach acid which improves metabolism and helps the thyroid.


Coconut oil is known to be very beneficial for the body. It provides many health benefits and it is also used for beautifying the skin. Among its other advantages, a very prominent characteristic is that it supports the thyroid function by enhancing the metabolic rate. It contains a high content of medium chain triglycerides that speed up the metabolism and aids the thyroid.


Here is another healthy addition to the list of best thyroid foods. The dairy products are known for providing rich supplies of iodine. Yogurt can provide about fifty percent of daily iodine requirement. Besides, yogurt fortified with vitamin D is also helpful for those who have hypothyroidism.

Eating these foods and adopting a healthy lifestyle can improve your thyroid health and prevent its sluggishness. Additionally, avoiding soy, reducing the use of Alcohol and fried foods and limiting the use of sugar can also help to enhance the function of the thyroid gland.

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