Happy Clients

"Eleanor is an incredibly knowledgeable...

and effective health coach and fitness professional.  She provides a very balanced and practical approach to getting (and staying) on track.  She lives a very healthful lifestyle herself and shows her clients ways to incorporate easy and proven techniques to achieve fitness, nutrition and life goals. Sometime you need a little nudge in the right direction to fulfill your fitness, dietary and life goals.  Eleanor will support you, teach you and be your biggest cheerleader.  Life is all about balance, she will help you traverse this challenge and ultimately aide you in achieving your goals so that you can be your best self."

Shannon J. , Oceanside, CA


Eleanor changed my mindset towards health. Working with Eleanor was a great experience.  The thing I most valued was her ability to make the changes my own and to work with what I could do within my busy schedule with out deprivation or causing more stress.  She helped me work IN my changes so they have become part of my routine and way of life.

-Leslie D, Thousand Oaks, Ca

"I learned a great deal! Eleanor demonstrates an advanced knowledge about nutrition and fitness and pushes you to a limit you didn't know you were capable of. She is positive, energetic, and motivating. I learned a great deal from Eleanor."

-Katie M, Clearwater, Florida

"Working with Eleanor has been fantastic! She is honest, knowledgable, and committed to MY success. I have never felt so strong and in control of the way I feel through the changes she has helped me make in my nutrition and exercise routine.  Seeing my results each week is the most amazing feeling!"

-Carrie H., North Dakota