Meet Leslie....

Meet Leslie....

“I was interested in hiring Eleanor as a health coach because I like to support fellow parents with their businesses and I was attracted to her approach, avoiding hard sell tactics or pushing products.  I was experiencing all over body pain, weight gain, anxiety and depression and I felt it was time to take a look at my lifestyle and diet choices.

The most inspiring, life changing part of this experience was realizing that small choices and changes made the biggest difference and that it was my own fear of those changes and negative projection that kept me from taking the action.  Eleanor helped me see through our one on one discussions what my mental blocks were and how to overcome them by keeping an open mind to the possibility of embracing a change that was good for me.  As a full time working mother I was consistently putting myself last not realizing the impact it was having on my health and psychology.

If I had to write 3 tangible, measurable changes in myself and my life that have happened since working with Eleanor, they would be:
1.  I went from drinking maybe 20-30 oz of water a day to 80-100 oz.  The was the one thing I thought would be the hardest change but it ended up being the easiest with Eleanor's help.
2.  I discovered I have an allergy to gluten and dairy and saw clear distinctive signs of how those ingredients were hurting my body, causing inflammation and pain.
3. I now spend at least one hour a week by myself, rejuvenating my mind and body with activities I love and I don't feel guilty or put myself last.  I have actively engaged my children in participating with choosing their foods for the week by going grocery shopping with me and making their own lunches.  I have let go of many areas of control - allowing my 9 year old son more independence and freedom and asking for more responsibilities from my 13 year old daughter.

Eleanor changed my mindset towards health. Working with Eleanor was a great experience.  The thing I most valued was her ability to make the changes my own and to work with what I could do within my busy schedule with out deprivation or causing more stress.  She helped me work IN my changes so they have become part of my routine and way of life.

Her 6 week package was worth the money!

I would refer Eleanor as a health coach because of all the things I discovered about myself and the tangible changes I made to improve my health.  My discovery of my gluten allergy, my reduction in inflammation and pain in my abdomen, the feeling I have when I put my pants on and they fit, the full feeling I have after I spend my time alone, is life changing.  This coaching was just what I needed to point my life in a positive direction.”

"I learned a great deal!”

"Eleanor demonstrates an advanced knowledge about nutrition and fitness and pushes you to a limit you didn't know you were capable of. She is positive, energetic, and motivating. I learned a great deal from Eleanor."

-Katie M, Clearwater, Florida

"Working with Eleanor has been fantastic!"

"She is honest, knowledgable, and committed to MY success. I have never felt so strong and in control of the way I feel through the changes she has helped me make in my nutrition and exercise routine.  Seeing my results each week is the most amazing feeling!"

-Carrie H., North Dakota

"Eleanor's health and fitness coaching has been life changing...

She has educated me on how to eat to fuel my body, she even tailored to my vegan diet. She is fun and encouraging and pushes me to do things I didn't even know I could do. Now, when I workout, I can hear her voice in my mind telling me to not give up! I have so much more confidence and have a new passion for fitness and nutrition. I still have some more weight to loose but I know that the knowledge I've gained from Eleanor will get me to my goal!"

Nicole D- Somis, CA

"Eleanor is an incredibly knowledgeable...

and effective health coach and fitness professional.  She provides a very balanced and practical approach to getting (and staying) on track.  She lives a very healthful lifestyle herself and shows her clients ways to incorporate easy and proven techniques to achieve fitness, nutrition and life goals. Sometime you need a little nudge in the right direction to fulfill your fitness, dietary and life goals.  Eleanor will support you, teach you and be your biggest cheerleader.  Life is all about balance, she will help you traverse this challenge and ultimately aide you in achieving your goals so that you can be your best self."

Shannon J. , Oceanside, CA

"I can't recommend Eleanor enough!

I was fortunate enough to take 2 rounds of her fitness boot camp, which included nutrition advising as well. By making realistic goals and changing my diet to include more whole foods, and healthier versions of what I was already eating, I was able to see such a difference in not just my waistline, but also my overall mental and physical health! She is great at being straightforward about what needs to be done, and also guiding you to lifestyle changes, NOT a diet plan. Accountability and sustainability, she offers both with her coaching!"

-Janel B, Monrovia, Indiana

"When I decided to get serious about my health I didn't know where to start. But I am very thankful for Eleanor's help and support! She showed me how to keep track of what I eat and make better choices on the foods I eat, until eating healthy came naturally for me. Eleanor kept me motivated and checked in frequently to keep me on track. I feel so much better about myself and I'm happy to finally see results. I couldn't have done it without the help I received. Thanks, Eleanor!!!" 

C.F., Camarillo, CA