Nutrition Collective

Join the Nutrition Collective

Working together in a group can be an amazing experience for improving your health practices. In this hybrid program, you get one 1 on 1 session with Eleanor to receive personalized recommendations and also the dynamic of group support and motivation for 90 days or more.

Nutrition Collective

  • 1 private 55 min session with Eleanor via zoom
  • Bi-monthly group forum (twice a month) for updates, check-ins and motivation
  • Customized Nutritionally Supportive Meal Plan and Recommendations
  • Immediate access to resource library content to support your nutrition
  • Quarterly bonus sessions and workshops
  • Monthly meal plans
  • VIP Option: Weekly text/voice messaging Check-ins with Eleanor 

Nutrition Collective

Hybrid Coaching Program

If you’ve tried to dial in your nutrition on your own before and plateaued, this experience will support and guide you to realign with your goals.

Join the Nutrition Collective and receive:

  • Initial 55 minute consultation with Eleanor:   Review your intake form and ask questions, research your symptoms, and receive a specific protocol that will address your syptomology and get to the root causes of the issues.
    –  In-depth intake form and Health History to review and assess inflammation, intolerances, digestion pain, and any other health issues
    –  Medication / supplement review for interactions, depletions, and suggestions
  • Customized Written Protocol (includes tailored recommendations and how-to guides)
    Personalized meal plan (tailored to your specific dietary needs and nutritional goals)
    Professional assessment of dietary and lifestyle changes and recommendations
  • Twice a month open office hours zoom group forum (every other week).  Perfect for check-ins, questions, inspiration, and support.
  • Access to additional resources will be provided as necessary for nutritional topics (holiday recipe guides, anti-inflammation guides, diabetes support guides, etc).

For more personalized support, sign up for the VIP membership and additionally receive:

  • Weekly voice/text message check-ins (Voxer support)
  • Updated nutritional protocols as needed


$365 first month+$129 /month for 3 month minimum

VIP OPTION: $466 first month +$199 / month for 3 month minimum.

Cancel anytime after 3 months.