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strong as a mother

My mom, God bless her, has been through all the ups and downs of weight gain and loss. At her worst, she was overweight, had alarming liver enzyme levels and had developed type 2 diabetes, but even worse, she felt helpless and worried. She knew she needed to get healthier, but was overwhelmed with all the dietary theories and medical recommendations.

I wanted to help her, and was inspired to figure out how her body could heal itself through a balance diet and regular movement. After about a year of consistenly eating a cleaner diet and integrating more exercise into her daily routine, her liver enzymes returned to normal and her diabetes has all but disappeared. Deciding to make a change has transformed her health from burdensome to freedom from costly medications and physical limitations.

She is living a healthy lifestyle and couldn’t be happier about it! Now at a healthy weight, taking very little medications and vastly increased energy, she travels the world with enthusiasm!! I’m so proud of her for having the courage to make the decision to change her life and live her truth.