A personalized program for women who are ready to
change their health

Discover how to treat heal digestive symptoms without medication


Let’s get off the hamster wheel of trying random probiotics and find out specifics

by healing the root cause…

your own microbiome.

Take action steps over 21 days that will improve detox, metabolism, and ease painful digestive symptoms.

Get to the root cause with the right testing and interpretation.

Welcome to the 21 Day Gut Healing Challenge.

When the bacteria in our gut changes, we feel it many places.

You stand there in the aisle of Target looking for diarrhea medicine, or cream that will cover up your skin irritation. You have been trying these things for years, and nothing really seems to make a difference.

You’ve been told by your doctor to continue taking allergy medication daily, using steroid cream, or just live with the constipation… and you have been doing what you are “supposed to do,” but it either isn’t working, or you don’t even have the energy to do it.   

I get it! When the simplest things feel overwhelming…  you are tired of the embarrassing gas, or foul smelling scents wafting from the bathroom after you are done.  It is time to take a closer look at what is causing these symptoms in the first place, because, let me tell you, it is not normal, nor do you have to live that way forever.

Most of us think it’s all about food and exercise. But the truth is, even if you eat “right” and work out, YOU ARE MOST LIKELY MISSING THE BIGGEST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE.

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The missing piece?
Healing the gut, not medicating it.

Killing off “bad bacteria” doesn’t solve the problem of imbalance, nor does it address where the imbalance came from in the first place. 


Customized testing that is easy and is done at home and shows us

  • Shows us if your body is battling gut infections
  • Shows us if there is toxicity from mold and yeast
  • Shows us any parasitic activity so we can prioritize care

Personalized protocol with step by step implementation tips to get you started immediately

  • Nutritional practices that specifically address your nutrient needs and toxicity
  • Unique (to you) supplement recommendations that support your gut and hormone health
  • Additional testing recommendations, if needed (Blood work, thyroid testing, hormone testing, etc)

A 21 day challenge that speaks to “real women” living real, busy, lives and delivers to you

  • Daily email check-ins (audio file included if you don’t “do” emails and prefer podcast style)
  • Gi-map stool test delivered to your door
  • 60 min personalized one-on-one session to review results and discuss treatment plan

THE 21 Day Gut Healing Challenge isn’t your typical challenge.

It’s a HIGHLY PERSONALIZED PROGRAM that will change you…

From tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated to

In this challenge, you will receive a personalized protocol that will
walk you through how to implement your gut healing steps with easy, bite-sized pieces.

  • Understand what’s really going on with your body through proven gastrointestinal map stool testing (this gives us so much information about all different aspects of your get health! And it’s included in the program!) 
  • Be guided through your test results by an experienced professional who specializes in female gut health
  • You will discover how the misinformation about nutrition and the damage of diet culture have kept you from understanding how to feed your body appropriately
  • You will get clarity on how stress has been sabotaging your efforts and affecting your physical body
  • Recognize that daily digestion isn’t supposed to be painful or difficult
  • Find your power by knowing how to read and understand your testing
  • You’re put on a path to lifelong health with meal plans, ongoing group support, and daily action steps

Why do we do functional testing?

The value in getting the right testing is priceless! We combine your symptoms and health history with the mapping of your gut bacteria to figure out where to start your healing first.

Meet your nutritionist, gut healing expert, and guide

Hi, I’m Eleanor Duelley, a functional nutritionist that has been working with women for almost a decade on weight loss, nutrition, gut healing, and hormone health.

I realized that there was a gap between conventional medicine doctors that use medication and holistic, self-healing practices. Since most of my clients do not want to rely on synthetic hormones and medication, it was important that I shared my health journey and healing programs with the world.

Over the last few years, I’ve helped hundreds of women simplify their battles with their bodies and bring in more clarity and self-trust by getting accurate hormone and gut testing not offered by traditional doctors.

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside the
21 Day Gut Healing Challenge

✨ Discover how to eat so that you don’t have to diet

Non-dieting nutrition is the most efficient way to nourish your body and regulate weight. Nourishing meal plans and specific recipes for improving the gut bacteria will support your gut balance and hormones.

 What factors are causing your inflammation

The gi-map test will show the levels of opportunistic bacteria and how they are affecting your immune response. Is your body constantly fighting off gut critters and the expense of your energy?

What most doctors don’t tell you about regulating your gut microbiome through healthy practices and natural supplements.

A specific action plan for adjusting the way your body is adapting to the imbalanced bacteria in your gut.  A personalized protocol written just for you, based on your testing results. This includes the best foods for your body type, supplements to support your gut bacteria and lifestyle shifts that will make an incredible impact on your energy, sleep, and digestion.

✨ The secret to managing stress in your body

Stress hormones have alot to do with your energy, metabolism and digestion. Recalibrate your stress levels by implementing specific, personalized strategies that will have massive impact on how you nervous system responds to stressful situations.

✨ Accurate, personalized testing that tells you what you need to know about your gut health so you can do something about the imbalance!

The testing will be mailed to your house once you register.  The testing is unlike any blood test you have ever had because it tells us more about your body and gut health than any blood test out there. Plus, having an experienced, professional, functional nutritionist to tell you what it means and how to rebalance, is EVERYTHING.

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