Episode 20: My Personal Boundaries Were Costing My Happiness

Jan 23, 2023 | Nourishing Nutrition Podcast

Stress activates our nervous system, and it is defined as a stimulus that causes the brain to feel threatened in some way. When the brain senses this imbalance of safety, it manages it with a hormonal response, which is trying to make you feel safe again. This is a natural rhythm that works for our bodies that are designed to handle stress and normal for the body to experience throughout a typical day. 

Where things go off the rails is when there is a constant sense of threat / stimulus (all the same or many different), and there is no retreat from the threat for the brain to rest, repair, and recover. You can even sleep in a heightened stress state.  

Today I want to dive into a different concept about feeling safe that I have recently adopted and touched on in episode: 17.

I am going to discuss one way where I have managed to break apart my stressors and triggers, how I have coped, what has worked for me and how I plan to continue setting these kinds of boundaries in the future.

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