Episode 19: Are You Tired of Being Hormonal?

Jan 16, 2023 | Nourishing Nutrition Podcast

Are you tired of being hormonal?

It seems like a question that we can all identify with…. because of the ways that we operate in our daily lives. In this episode, I breakdown the 6 areas in which our hormones are influenced, and how to improve the impact that they make.

Stress– how your body copes and why this affects dieting and body fat

Diet Culture– the unintended affects of calorie/macro counting and the ways in which it damages the production of feel-good hormones

Exercise Culture– Similar to dieting, the culture of intense pushing and grinding it out has worn away the protective barriers for our hormone and gut health

Medications- Often medications are unnecessary and only prescribed as a bandaid to symptoms and does not address the root cause of the symptom

Supplements- Helpful tools in recovering hormone health but when do you know what/how much to take?

Inflammation / Infections- Unknown sources of inflammation, infection, and injury zap our energy and monopolize our hormones. Get a clear understanding of how to figure out if you have this.

Pulling all of these together can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. I lay out for you the plan of action and how women have been changing the narrative on hormone health and taking action for advocacy. For more information about the Hormone Happiness Project, please visit: https://nourishingnutrition.net/hormonehappinessproject

This program brings to the forefront every area in your life that needs a more more attention in order to get to the root cause of imbalance.

The Nourishing Nutrition Podcast is sponsored by the Hormone Happiness Project. This program is the answer to your hormone questions if you struggle with hormonal weight gain, acne, period/menopausal symptoms, insomnia and fatigue. With the combination of nutritional education and personalized functional testing, the HHP will transform your understanding of female hormones and elevate your daily life practices. The functional testing included in this program is far more advanced than the basic blood work panels you have seen in the past, and provides real solutions and step by step action plan to rebalance.

For more information about this program, visit nourishingnutrition.net/hormonehappinessproject.

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