Episode 16: The Day I Realized my Exhaustion was not Laziness

Jan 3, 2023 | Nourishing Nutrition Podcast

Episode 16

When I was a student in Nutrition school, I was all about the nutrients in food, the vitamins, minerals and processes of the body. I started thinking that living a healthy life must be all about the food. The more I learned about the body, the more I began to realize that there is much more to our physiology than just the food. Like, alot more!

By this time in my life, having had 3 kids, changing career choice, and trying to hold it all together, I had tried every diet out there to find my ideal weight and feel my best. I counted calories on a spreadsheet (which graduated to food tracking apps), I had tried elimination diets, became a body pump instructor, personal trainer, I did all of the things, but I never really felt like I was moving the needle with my health.

  • Eating well, sleeping well and working out alot did not seem to help mewith my migraines. 
  • Drinking loads of water didn’t seem to make much difference with my constipation struggles
  • Working out every day didn’t seem to make much of a difference with my belly fat 
  • Having a solid night time routine and drinking herbal tea before bed did not seem to help that 2-4am insomnia that plagued me every single freaking night. 

Find out more about my journey and the very real things I had to face in order to really start healing.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Don’t forget to connect with me on your favorite social media platform.