Eat Well and Thrive:
The Mom’s Guide to Losing
Weight and Gaining Herself Back

Thank you for your interest in this awesome self-study workbook Eat Well and Thrive!


If you have read 5 Day Simple Slim Down, you understand that cutting out processed foods is necessary to better your health. The Eat Well and Thrive workbook is the perfect blueprint to get you started on your way to cleaner living. It will guide you, educate you and create inspiration for you.

Have you ever walked through the grocery store and panicked because you were too overwhelmed with all the choices? You didn't have a plan and ended up with random items that didn't go together for a healthy meal? Did you go over-budget and didn't even get the items you set out to get? Don't worry! Eat Well and Thrive will help you to organize your thoughts so that your time and money is used efficiently.


A clean eating lifestyle is only maintained through cultivating the proper mindset. This workbook is the perfect beginning to understanding how to center your thoughts and really dig deep into your psyche to fundamentally shift your outlook on health. Once you have a clearer picture of your desires for your health, you will be better equipped to give your body what it needs. 

Being overwhelmed is a common struggle for moms today. Having too much to do and not enough time to do it happens to all of us. Taking the time to sort out your priorities and organize your day before it happens is the key to success. This workbook will walk you through the steps it takes to set yourself up for maintainable, sustainable time management!

This amazing 41 page workbook is for you if:

  • You need guidance on cleaning up your diet
  • Want recommendations on how to effectively grocery shop
  • Want clarity in your mindset towards loving your body
  • Need help organizing your daily life for maximum efficiency with time management

Also, as a bonus, I have also added a section that will give you the inspiration and motivation to continue eating clean by mapping out a brand new 5 day Meal Plan with Recipes!!!

This awesome workbook is valued at $99, but is priced at $27!!