Can we stop with the inaccurate hormone blood-work testing? Not only is it a poor way to evaluate changes in your daily hormone fluctations, it does not accurately uncover root cause issues.

If you are frustrated with the lack of answers you have been getting from your exhaustive google searches and continually asking your doctor for support, then we need to chat about functional testing and targeted protocols that specifically address your symptoms and stop covering them up with medications and ibuprofen.

Set up a free chat and I will walk you through my signature program for hormone healing and continued nutritional support that will set you up to connect with your body without adding more medications.

I offer private 1 on 1 coaching for women seeking more speicialized peri/menopausal support for painful and frustrating symptoms that never seem to go away with medications. With the use of appropriate functional testing, we can get the answers you have been looking for and get started on a healing plan made just for you.