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Simple Healthy Habits

Getting healthy doesn't have to be difficult or extremely time consuming. Starting off slowly, with a few changes to your busy lifestyle will have a great impact on your motivation, well-being and results. Adopting a few SimpleHealthyHabits (SHH)is the best way to get started living a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

You are more likely to keep adding more every week, without feeling overwhelmed, than trying to do all of the changes at one time. These are just a few SHH to get you started and keep you motivated! But there are literally thousands of them!

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Eat Well and Thrive: 
The Mom’s Guide to Losing
Weight and Gaining Herself Back

Eat Well and Thrive is an amazing 41 page workbook that will walk you through an interactive blueprint for Cleaning up your Diet, Cleaning up your Cart, Cleaning up your Mind, Cleaning up your Daily Calendar, all on the road to creating the Upgraded YOU. This workbook journal will give you the inspiration and motivation to eat clean by mapping out a brand new 5 day Meal Plan with Recipes!!!

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Eleanor's New Year Recipes

Find the inspiration you need this new year with a brand new set of recipes. These clean recipes are simple, easy and delicious!!

This book is valued at over $27!

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When dealing with the symptoms of Hashimoto's, you must consider the quality and the consequence of the foods you choose. As a way to keep thyroid inflammation to a minimum, reduction of gluten and goitrogens are a must. The following lists is a compilation of healthy foods to consider introducing into your diet and reducing the intake of processed foods.

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5 Day Simple Slim Down

This ebook describes how eliminating toxins in your diet will give you increased energy, mental clarity and weight loss. 

In 5 short days, you will start to feel the amazing effects that clean eating can have your life!